PETtherm - the green insulating material made with PET. Recycled and recyclable with a broad range of applications

Selecting the insulating material PETtherm 50 helps to significantly improve the environmental balance of your construction project
and to simultaneously meet sustainability criteria:

> Manufactured with 100% PET recyclate
> Insulating panels and their residuals after processing are 100% recyclable
> Reliable insulating performance across the entire life cycle
> No loss in quality through moisture, rodents, or insects
> Closed-cell structure prevents moisture penetration
> Stability in shape and high pressure resistance
> Panel thicknesses up to 200 mm and flexible measurements facilitate
easy installation and provide various application options.
> Outstanding compatibility with organic and mineral
adhesives as well as plasters
> Solvent resistant
> Supports the attainment of sustainability goals stipulated by
environmental and funding guidelines


Dichte 48 +/-10 kg/m³
Druckspannung > 165 kPa

Wärmeleitfähigkeit 0,036 W/mK

Plattengröße (Standard) Länge 600mm oder 2448mm

Breite 1000mm

Plattenstärke 40-200mm
Baustoffklasse E (EN 13501)
Grundstoff PET-Recyclat


PETtherm 50 was developed for the structural insulation of building shells, roofs, floors, and interior walls. PETtherm 50 may be used on its own or as part of a pre-fabricated system for new construction or renovation projects.

PETtherm 50 is approved for the following applications per DIN 4108-10.

  • DAD – Exterior insulation of roof or ceiling / Protected from weathering / Insulation underneath coverings
  • DAA – Exterior insulation of roof or ceiling / Protected from weathering / Insulation underneath waterproofing/sealing
  • DEO – Interior insulation of ceiling or floor slab (upper side) underneath floor screed without sound insulation requirements
  • WAA – Exterior insulation of wall behind waterproofing/sealing
  • WAB – External insulation of wall behind cladding
  • WZ – Insulation of double-shelled walls, cavity wall insulation
  • WH – Insulation of timber frame, timber panel and comparable construction
  • DZ – Insulation between rafters, vented roof, top floor ceilings that are not safe to walk on but are accessible
  • DI – Interior ceiling insulation (underside) or interior roof insulation, insulation underneath the rafters/ support structure, false ceiling, etc.
Anwendungsbereiche des grünen Dämmstoffes PETtherm 50

> Door panels

> Profile inserts

> Reveal panels

We are open to individual customer requests.

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Circular economy

PETtherm 50 is the first solution for the insulation market with a raw material made of 100% recyclable PET.
PETtherm 50 contributes to the purposeful use of plastic waste, and helps save energy and reduce CO2 emissions. At the end of the life cycle, the insulation material can be returned to the material circulation without loss in quality.

PETtherm - der recycelbare Rohstoff für Dämmung
Recycling Kreislauf PETtherm Pflüger TOB GmbH

1 Collection of used PET bottles
2 Sorting and shredding into flakes
3 Granulation process
4 Production of PETtherm 50 foam boards
5 Disposable plastic bottles are turned into a sustainable construction material
6 After a decades long use phase, PETtherm 50 can be fully recycled again

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