Sustainable insulating material with an up to 40% reduced CO2 footprint and pressure and water resistant profiles as attic planks, flat roof planks, and insulating planks.

Wir helfen bei der Auswahl der passenden Abdichtsysteme
Vollkeile und Trapezkeile für die Flachdachdämmung
Gefälledämmplatten zur Flachdachdämmung

Insulation for flat roofs with PETtherm 50 – the green insulating material
The material that combines high tensile strength with good insulating effect. PETtherm 50 supports the construction of buildings with higher energy efficiency and reduced environmental impacts across their entire life cycle.

Everything from a single source: you receive the entire building kit for the insulation of your roof or other building section completely assembled and ready to be installed.

PETtherm 50 / Product brochure/ PDF
Druckfeste und wasserbeständige Profile als Attikabohlen, Flachdachbohlen und Dämmbohlen

For attics of all variations, we provide customized pressure resistant and watertight insulating and sealing elements in wedge or cuboid shape. The special properties of the raw material, Kerdyn™ Green FR, allow processing with a broad range of adhesives and sealants.

Attic insulating and sealing wedge / Product sheet / PDF

We manufacture customized interfaces and profiles for your construction project.
For a detailed design, please contact us here.

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