Front wall installation system: Installation of windows, doors, or other facade elements in the insulation layer allows for very good isothermal processes and thereby optimal thermal insulation values for energy-saving building projects.

The IFT-tested adhesion of the frame to the masonry results in an innovative load transfer that enables this installation system to mount heavy elements even onto lesser subsurfaces. At the same time, the adhesive serves to seal the frame to the masonry. Screws are only used for added security or subsurfaces not suitable for the adhesive.

By using a circumferentially solid frame, significantly better sound insulation values are achieved compared to simple consoles or corner solutions made out of plastic.

Potential sources for leaks are greatly reduced through a defined installation opening.

Installation time is substantially reduced.

Mounting scenario front wall installation system with window base junction profile from the TOB modular system

Optimised isothermal process with outstanding thermal bridge coefficient

Front wall frame installation and window base junction profile for frames 90 mm in width

Standard front wall installation frame – 90 mm extension. Window base junction profile made with Phonotherm ® 200 for Rehau GENEO windows

Windows with common window base junction profiles (PVC) can also be installed in any frame type.

vowatherm EXTENSIONS

Frame Type


Block Frame 90 mm
Angular Frame 120 mm
Angular Frame 140 mm
Angular Frame 160 mm
Angular Frame 180 mm
Angular Frame 200 mm

All tests were conducted with maximum extension.

Prefabricated front wall installation angle with 140 mm extension.

Securely glued and screwed.

Front wall installation angle assembled from standard frame and 200 mm extension from our modular system.

Front wall installation angle 140 mm with adhesive to concrete subsurface.

You can find additional examples of completed construction projects here:



Standard frame length 2400 mm

fast installation due to little required assembly / less waste


Fast installation since drilling on site is not required and the proper distance to the edge for the security screws is maintained.

Standard frame glued with insulation element

Fast installation since gluing on site is not required.

Angular frames screwed and glued

Heavy elements are mountable

Processing without primer

Fast further processing since ventilating is not required

High degree of immediate bond by adhesive

Installation of standard frame by one person

Application-specific assembly and packaging

Static tool

vowatherm AT A GLANCE

Material Phonotherm®200
Maße H 200mm L 400mm B 150mm
PSI-Wert 0,04
Baukasten kompatibel ja
Anwendung Fertighäuser, Wintergärten

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