LPtherm reveal panels not only provide window frame insulation according to industry standards, they also save you time during installation since their geometrics are specifically adapted to fit various installation situations.

Made from various core materials, we produce reveal panels with, for example, integrated rabbets to cover windowsill edges or inset guide rails.
Reveal panels come in the following editions: unfinished, reinforced, or with a finishing coat.

Special Features of LPtherm

> Prefabricated in width, height, thickness, and processing of ends
> Made from various core materials (XPS, PU, PET, …)
> Optionally with
– integrated guide rail
– rabbet for windowsill edge
– mesh bracket
> Available in various coating systems
> Frame insulation according to industry standards
> Can be combined with FDKtherm insulating and sealing wedge

LPtherm reveal panels for
punched windows and elements that reach to the floor

Reveal panels with finishing coat. Optionally also with integrated guide rail.

In combination with our FDKtherm insulating and sealing wedge - the ideal installation solution

You can attain truly safe and optimal window installation with our tested product pair: pre-coated LPtherm reveal panels combined with our FDKtherm insulating and sealing wedge as a second water-bearing layer: a clean and safe detail solution.


The time-saving and safe product combination: FDKtherm and LPtherm

Zweite wasserführende Ebene und Laibungsplatte

All around highest tested installation quality

If you have question regarding specifications and processing variations, please contact our sales team.


Material Phonotherm®200
Dimensions H 200mm L 400mm W 150mm
PSI value 0.04
Compatible with module Yes
Application Prefabricated homes, sunrooms/winter garden

FDKtherm in our product catalog

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