We develop and manufacture construction elements for thermal separation, building, sealing, and insulation for a broad spectrum of industry sectors.

Especially within the context of construction and restoration of any sized building, there are numerous places where attachment parts and installation elements need to be separated from the building itself, or where insulation components have to be highly pressure or water resistant.

From the basement to the roof, there are thus numerous application opportunities for our working materials.

For a selection of the industry sectors for which we have already manufactured products, please go to the following pages. In the event we did not mention your sector or your sector is not in the construction industry, please do not hesitate to contact us anyway. Together with you, we will develop a solution that meets your needs.

You can find our contacts here.

FAQs Industry Sectors

> How are the three construction boards different from one another?

> Can you manufacture all products in all materials?

> Can pure board material also be ordered?

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