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Prefabricated modules for the safe and efficient installation of building elements – including the sealing of interface gaps.

We take care of all interfaces between building and building element, and provide you with all components for the safe and efficient installation of windows and doors.

Especially for manufacturers of wood-frame prefabricated homes or other building manufacturers with frequently recurring wall structures, we develop custom installation and sealing solutions for building elements based on FDKtherm. Time required for window installation and sealing is greatly reduced by the extensive prefabrication of our building components.

The degree of air and water tightness increases significantly. The systems were already positively tested by well-known manufacturers of ETIC systems.

Our high product quality is enhanced by the development and implementation of customized supply chain solutions.

Your customized window installation system can be created from these 3 TOB products:

Insulating wedge FDKtherm

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The base of our complete installation module:
With the insulating and sealing wedge FDKtherm, you get a second water-bearing layer that prevents water penetration into the wall construction. Regardless of whether the wall is made of masonry, cement, or wood frame construction.

Reveal panel LPtherm

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LPtherm reveal panels not only provide window frame insulation according to industry standards, they also save you time during installation since their geometrics are specifically adapted to fit various installation situations.

Shading VSTtherm

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With our Shading system VSTtherm, a large number of shading options can be addressed with one installation position of the base case: roller shutters, external Venetian blinds, textile screens. Insect and fall protection may be added. Cases, guide rail systems, and windowsills may be modified anytime.

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You can also select and add

  • fall protection
  • windowsill
  • various accessories

With our windowsill substructure FDKtherm, you get a solid base for your installation.

Save time, reduce costs and errors.

Together with you, and based on your current wall and facade construction, we develop a concept for a universal interface for the installation of construction elements into your building.

Thereby, you optimize construction costs, accelerate the installation process, and reduce the number of errors.

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