• basistherm <br>Window Base Junction Profile</br>

      Window Base Junction Profile

      The window base junction profiles made with Phonotherm ®200 and Kerdyn™ Green FR form the basis of our modular systems for the installation of thermally-optimised construction components. Strong thermal separation: the thermal bridge coefficient is significantly reduced.

    • vowatherm <br>Front Wall Installation System</br>

      Front Wall Installation System

      By mounting a window with an installation frame in the insulation layer, the thermal bridge coefficient is significantly reduced. Our IFT-tested front wall installation system can be combined with all components of our modular systems.

    • UDPtherm <br>Substructure Insulating Profile_2018</br>

      Substructure Insulating Profile_2018

      The substructure insulating profiles made from Phonotherm® 200 and Kerdyn® green complement the windowsill connection profiles, the adapter profiles for door thresholds, and profiles for lift/sliding doors in order to bridge the floor height.

    • LPtherm <br>Reveal Panel</br>

      Reveal Panel

      The new reveal panel: pre-coated, reliably insulating, efficient, and tested.

    • Support/Bracket Insulators

      Support/Bracket Insulators

      Through our support/bracket insulators made from Phonotherm® 200 and specifically customized for your building project, the local heat loss is reduced by 30 – 50%. Additionally, a PVC facade construction is ensured.

    • Insertion Profiles / Panel Edgings

      Insertion Profiles / Panel Edgings

      In mullion/transom facades, cuttings to the exact millimeter made from Phonotherm® 200 form the pressure strips for sheet metal flashing in the glass rebate. In panel manufacturing, the Phonotherm®200 cuttings serve as spacers between panel plankings.

    • Cuttings / individual Profiles

      Cuttings / individual Profiles

      For each building project we manufacture the adequate product from Phonotherm 200 or Kerdyn green.

    • Accessories


      The tested installation accessories make working with our products easier.

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